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Final Papers or Projects

COMM 158, Fall 2011 Documentary Film and Media History Instructor: Dan Leopard ( FINAL PAPER-PROJECT PROPOSAL: Please write a short five (5) sentence proposal for your final paper. You must include the working title and the topic of your paper as well as a specific account of what research materials – books, films, television, art, […]

Triumph of the Will

This is an important, yet obviously deeply flawed, film in the documentary canon. Watch the opening section for a pungent bit of myth building using actuality footage. Also, skim through the film, or watch it all, for scenes of the famous evening rally speeches. Also, very important as far as formalist issues go in documentary […]

Violence and Representation

Grim stuff tonight, I know. I left pretty traumatized by the scenes depicted in both clips. But consider for next class to what extent the filmmakers are justified in using such images. Do the scenes from Rio and Beirut bring to life the horror that is associated with violence or simply decommission our compassion with […]