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Documentary Release Form

For those of you who are working on documentaries for their final projects, here is a link to a good page on release forms. Scroll down and click on the link to download a basic release form. Modify as you see fit. Look at the Witness Video site for more details on releases and the […]

Documentary Production

For those of you that plan to make a documentary as their final project, here is a great resource for conceptualizing and producing a documentary video. Click on the image to go to their book. Click here to go to their website:

Final Papers or Projects

COMM 158, Fall 2011 Documentary Film and Media History Instructor: Dan Leopard ( FINAL PAPER-PROJECT PROPOSAL: Please write a short five (5) sentence proposal for your final paper. You must include the working title and the topic of your paper as well as a specific account of what research materials – books, films, television, art, […]

So Far

Click on the link. Comm 158 Midterm