50 Docs to See before You Die – Current TV

Click on the link below. It will lead you to Current TV’s page about their series 50 Documentaries to see before you die. The docs are more recent, the oldest being 1988, but the list is good for docs from the 1990s and 2000s. There are links to clips from each of the featured docs. Look around and see what interests you.




  1. Already saw the whole series. Brilliant, and Spurlock is awesome as usual. He interviews some of the subjects from the documentaries themeselves including: the preacher kid from Jesus Camp, and the two young men from Hoop Dreams. It was interesting to see how they’re grown and where they are now. Definitely worth a watch if you have the time.

  2. teawhitnie · · Reply

    On the advice of Tim i took it upon myself to watch an episode of this show. Loved it!
    It got me thinking though. One of the reasons I watched the show was in hopes of “catching up” with some of the characters that I had seen in these docs. I wanted so badly for Spurlock to go on a mission to catch up with them and getting more insight into what “really” happened during the time of filming, Then I was lead in this journey of questioning this idea.
    “Does revisiting documentaries/the people interviewed in them, bring us closer to the reality of the film, or push us further away from it?
    Any thoughts

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