For those of you who are working on documentaries for their final projects, here is a link to a good page on release forms. Scroll down and click on the link to download a basic release form. Modify as you see fit. Look at the Witness Video site for more details on releases and the […]

Here are the links that Sami forwarded to me. Sobering stuff. Necessary. Do what the kid’s t-shirt says.

For those of you that plan to make a documentary as their final project, here is a great resource for conceptualizing and producing a documentary video. Click on the image to go to their book. Click here to go to their website:

COMM 158, Fall 2011 Documentary Film and Media History Instructor: Dan Leopard ( FINAL PAPER-PROJECT PROPOSAL: Please write a short five (5) sentence proposal for your final paper. You must include the working title and the topic of your paper as well as a specific account of what research materials – books, films, television, art, […]

Click on the link. Comm 158 Midterm

This is an important, yet obviously deeply flawed, film in the documentary canon. Watch the opening section for a pungent bit of myth building using actuality footage. Also, skim through the film, or watch it all, for scenes of the famous evening rally speeches. Also, very important as far as formalist issues go in documentary […]

Click on the link below. It will lead you to Current TV’s page about their series 50 Documentaries to see before you die. The docs are more recent, the oldest being 1988, but the list is good for docs from the 1990s and 2000s. There are links to clips from each of the featured docs. […]